What can we expect from Williams now the family has left?

What can we expect from Williams now the family has left?

As you’re probably aware it’s a sad time for Formula 1 as Williams has been sold and the family is leaving the business after tomorrow’s race, although the name will stay on this means that the team will no longer have a member of the William’s family within the company.

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As Dorilton Capital has bought the team and we know that they will be investing heavily in the team but are keeping the current employees and factory where the cars are creating but now that Claire and Frank Williams are leaving after Monza it means that next week we’ll find out who the interim team principal will be.

So I wanted to talk today about what we can expect from the team in the near future.

Don’t Expect much from William’s in 2020/2021

Given that it is an investment company that has taken over the company and taking cues from Ferrari this year and some of their statements, I wouldn’t expect much from Williams in terms of progress for this season or next season. I would imagine that Dorilton will see 2022 as the best place to spend their money with the new regulation changes and spend the next two years car wise focusing R&D on items that will help that car.

The main changes I would expect to see of this season and next season will be changes in the structure of the company. Although most of the talk so far is that there won’t be much change, I would expect that there will be some big company shakeups as their clearly needs to be if they want to get back to the front of the grid.

William’s Team Principal

I’m going to make a prediction right here on some surroundings of the team principal, it won’t be someone promoted from within. My first reason for this is simple, if there was someone within the company who would be able to bring this team to the front of the grid they would be on the radar or announced already.

The second reason is that the company is moved so far back that I think they need an outside source to really challenge the assumptions that the team has been making and make real lasting culture change.

I personally also don’t think it will be someone that is from a Formula 1 background, I have a strong feeling that they will try and get a business leader in who can squeeze every penny from within the company and ensure that the car is the best car possible, which still sticking within the budgets.

A New Owner in 3/4 Years for Williams

I hate to say it but again, this is an investment company and although their other investments are long term, this is a Formula 1 team so I imagine that the company has gotten in over its head a little. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we will see some improvement between now and 2022 and the company will try to get the team back into the midfield and then hand it over for a profit to someone else who can bring them to the front of the grid

William’s Name Change?

Although we’ve been told that the Williams team name will not change, I wonder would this hold if the company changes hands once again, could we seem a large manufacturer like Honda, Toyota or BMW join the sport once again in future by buying Williams?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.