Vettel vs. Perez: Why Vettel makes sense for Aston Martin

Vettel's Ferrari

The big news from Formula 1 this week was of course the fact that Segio Perez has lost his seat to Sebastian Vettel for 2021 and Racing Point, which will of course then be Aston Martin. The Formula 1 community seems to be very divided on whether this is a good or bad thing for Aston Martin and rightly so, Perez has done a lot for that team and it could definitely be said that the Racing Point team would likely not exist without him.

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I want to give my two cents on the argument for and against Aston Martin’s decision to take Vettel over Perez for next year and I want to hear from you in the comments below.

The Argument Against Sebastian Vettel

There are some obvious arguments against Perez losing his seat and Vettel taking it and I want to begin with the most obvious, Perez has consistently been ahead of Vettel this year position wise and he’s been a very consistent driver over most of his career.

The key rebuttle to this is that Ferrari has had a terrible car this year on both power and performance in the corners but we can simply look to the other Ferrari on the grid and see that the younger and less experienced Charles Leclerc is also beating Vettel in every race, so like the old saying goes, a bad workman always blames his tools, but Leclerc’s performance means that even with the car that Ferrari has brought to 2020, Vettel should be performing better.

Another big reason to keep Perez is that you are looking at a driver who has yet to show his true potential, has brought the team back to life and brings millions of dollars worth of needed incomes to the team every year. He’s a consistent performer and if he got his first World Championship in 2022/23 with Aston Martin it could have made a bigger impact marketing wise than Vettel getting his fifth would.

The Argument For Sebastian Vettel

If we want to understand why Racing Point would drop such a significant driver to not only their history, their current points and importantly their bottom line bank balance, we need to understand what the team is trying to achieve and then it becomes incredibly obvious as to why the choice of Vettel makes sense whether or not he does amazingly well or poorly next year.

Next year as you are more than likely aware, Racing Point will become Aston Martin works team and the owner (or at least the leader of the consortium) for both the new Formula 1 team and Aston Martin itself will be Lawrence Stroll. As such he’s not just focused on making a winning Formula 1 team, he’s also focused on bringing a car brand back from the brink.

As such, having a 4 time world champion in Formula 1 out of the box, is a far better advertising campaign for the car company than is having an up and coming driver behind the wheel.

The brass Tax

I think we can all agree that a Vettel/Perez lineup would have been ideal but when you take in to account that Lawrence Stroll’s decisions are based around bringing Aston Martin back to life and giving his son the chance to be a World Champion in Formula 1. Then in that case, Vettel just makes more sense that Perez ever could for the team.