Is a love for cars something you learn or something you’re born with?

Is a love for cars something you learn or something you’re born with?

At the age of 4, my late grandfather was massively impressed when I was able to walk down any street and tell him the make and model of every car parked down the street. He became even more impressed when I could tell him the oncoming cars on the road just by seeing the shape of the headlights at night. I love cars.

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My grandad worked as a truck driver for Shell and instead of taking tips from the fuel stations when he filled up (which was normal at the time) he instead asked for one of the model cars behind the counter and would bring me one home every evening. This is definitely one of my favourite childhood memories. I still remember the model of a Ford Escort Cosworth he got me in 1994 and this made getting to go for a drive in a real one my dad borrowed from a boss he had when I was around 12 even more special.

I’ve always had a love of cars and still to this day I am obsessed with knowing every detail of new cars when they come out. As you can probably imagine, I was a huge Top Gear fan through all of its incarnations, moving on with the Grand Tour and being very sad when they stopped making the show as we know it. Watching Clarkson cry at the end of season 3, I was upset myself, it was like losing a family member as I had watched him on Top Gear since the age of 3.

As I now have now started out making car videos as a way out of the boredom of my day job of being a software developer, it has me wondering. Is this obsession triggered by something or was I simply born with car love fueling my bloodstream? Is this the case for all petrol heads?

Honestly, I don’t know, I don’t have the time or money to research it. Let me know in the comments what your opinion is. More importantly, I think that’s a long enough intro and a misleading enough title for us to talk about something really important.

As we lean in on Coronavirus and my hatred for the world grows, today I found out that the Toyota Corolla was the best selling car in 2019. I really do not understand this. The world is dull like the car, sure, but why would you not want to spice up your life a bit with something more interesting? Is it just that Toyota builds the most reliable cars in the world?

So I did a bit of research, it turns out the Corolla I was thinking of has changed a lot since it was called the Auris and before. I mean look at it, that’s quite interesting. It actually looks like a new car and the japanese embracing no more boring cars has definitely taken effect.

As for the interior, the quality of the Japanese car maker has moved in line with cars from Germany and its Korean rivals. It looks much better than the Toyota interiors of back in the day. It actually looks sporty and modern. You’ll still find a lot of cheap plastics but nothing compared to when I drove one from the 90’s. There is a touch screen separate in the middle, the digital driver’s display. Everything is great! Also, stitched leather? In a Toyota?! The back is a bit cramped, but for the price…not bad!

Engines…there’s nothing to see here, let’s be honest. There are hybrids, efficient and reliable engines. Seriously nothing to see here. It’ll work.

So if you want a sensible car, buy this. If you want to be more like me? Take that £21,000 a buy something far more interesting. You’ll see what I’m talking about in a video I’m making for my YouTube Channel shortly. In the meantime, comment below with what you would buy for your £21,000. I’d love to know.