I’m considering buying an old Beetle, the wife hates the idea, so who is right?

I’m considering buying an old Beetle, the wife hates the idea, so who is right?

Here in Mexico the Beetle or Vocho as it’s known locally is an incredibly popular car and the Beetle ended its life here in Mexico in 2019. It’s very hard to drive down any street here without at least one passing you buy and this has made me think, with them being so cheap should I buy one and use it as my run around to the shops?


I was never massively fascinated with the Beetle but after making the video above last month I’ve been more and more interested in getting one. I guess my reasons come down to three main things which I want to go through now, so if you’re interested, keep reading.


These cars don’t tick any of the boxes when you think of a classic car bar one, they aren’t that beautiful, they definitely aren’t rare and they are in no way expensive but I will give it one thing, it is interesting. Given that the car was introduced during Hitler’s leadership of Germany and it was produced more or less unchanged until 1997 it is very strange that there is nothing else that looks like it on the road.

Up until moving to Mexico and seeing them all of the time, I never really liked the looks of the Beetle or of the 911 for that matter, but they are both starting to grow on me.


The reason the wife hates the idea is, unlike me, she isn’t a fan of classic cars. I on the other hand love them because even though they break down a lot and have a lot of…”quirks”, I love that when one stops running I get excited to take out the tool kit and get to work. This is something you can’t do any more with a modern computerized engine.

The Beetle is the epitome of simple and this goes to everything, the interior is not cluttered the styling is functional and most importantly the engine is as simple as an engine can get. The rear-mounted 1500 cc air cooled engine at the back is the height of simplicity and has remained basically unchanged since the 70’s which means spare parts are abundant and fixing the engine would be incredibly simple. Imagine blowing down the road with 53 bhp behind me.


I guess the main reason is simply, they’ve grown on me, I love the idea of driving around in something nearly twice my age with this sort of history and using it to fly to the shops or take it up to the beach, modern cars just don’t have the feel of an old car. Modern cars intend to disconnect you from the mechanics and that’s exactly what I miss about my pickup, new cars are fantastic and comfortable but I’m yurning for a car that will break down on me and give me an excuse to spend an hour fixing it every weekend.