Hottest Car Girls on Instagram

Hottest Car Girls on Instagram

When it comes to us men, we know two things for sure. An epic car and proficiency in Hand brake turns will get any girl turned on enough to marry us? Right guys? Sadly your car will likely attract more guys than women. Luckily though there are some incredibly hot girls out there that love cars as much as we do. So in this post, we want to bring your our Top 10 Hottest Car Girls on Instagram!

10. Jannatsiii

This lovely lady has three of the best assets the world has given us to date. Incredible legs. Blonde hair. More importantly though, an absolutely stunning old Opel Kadette. There isn’t much in this world hotter than a blonde in a Kadette fellas? Am I right?

9. Supercar Blondie

I don’t often want a lot for Christmas, but if I had to reach out and dream of the perfect Christmas it would probably be a sexy christmas outfit, on a hot blonde, said blonde would need an amazing sense of humor and a Lamborghini. Supercar Blondie has everything in the photo above and given she’s also an Ozzie, you know she’d bring a lot of laughs to your Xmas cheer!

8. Ms. Emelia

I don’t know about you but when I leave my car with a mechanic I very rarely get a mechanic that makes me think about how cute they look, as well as just incredibly hot at other times. That’s because my Mechanic Pablo doesn’t look as good in a bikini as Ms. Emelia does. I’ve checked. Also by the looks of some of her videos, I think she genuinely might be a better mechanic than him!


If you grew up in the 90’s you were likely a big fan of the late Colin McCrae. His Blue Subaru Impreza was nothing short of spectacular. The car was absolutely stunning. Now imagine a girl who’s got the looks, the banter, owns a Subaru Impreza WRX and can race it HARD. Well you don’t need to imagine because CJ is number 7 on our list of Hottest Instagram Car Girls!

6. QueenB

There are few things in life sexier than an old school 911. Having the confidence to go out in a bright yellow one would also be nice. However if you add a matching dress and an incredibly hot car enthusiast whose curves are just as hot as said 911, what do you get? Perfection.

5. Nathalia Navarro

I may be biased by the fact that she’s sitting on a beetle and I love beetles. However I think Nathalia should be further up this list, given she’s a proper model, incredibly….I mean jaw drop hot. She’d probably be near the top if she did more car based photos. Just….sorry….lost for words….Anyway sorry. So she’s a hot model that takes photos with and loves cars, but given her feed hasn’t got more cars, she stays in 5th.

4. VQChick

Although relatively unknown this girl doesn’t have too many photos. We think this Infiniti obsessed girl deserves a mention because she is actively taking nothing but car photos and won the BEST INFINITI at Strada! Well done AVA!

3. Shenny_jj5

Jenny slots into number 3 because she has too of my favourite assets in the world. Nature created them. Both. I swear. She’s got the best ass I’ve literally ever seen but this is upstaged by her Classic VW Golf….I mean look at it. In lots of her posts she is seen waiting for summer so she can drive it. My type of GIRL!

2. Zoe Scarlett

I have to slot Zoe into second because she’s won me over with both her classically amazing Marilyn Monroe looks (massive chesticles too!) and the fact that she loves classic cars as much as I do. I’m going to stop talking now and just let you stare at the wonderful photo above!

1. Constance Nunes

Going back to girls who could definitely fix my car a lot quicker than me and my mechanic, let’s talk Constance. She tops my list for a couple reasons. I don’t need to mention the looks. A photo paints a thousand words and there is an epic photo above. However if you’ve watched Car Masters on Netflix, you’ll know she’s also an awesome mechanic and a good bit of a laugh too. I would go on, but I’m too busy staring at the pictures above!

What did you think of our Hottest Car Girls on Instagram Top 10 list? Who would you change out? Let us know in the comments!