2014 Lamborghini Huracán: The Gallardo replacement became a YouTuber’s Favourite

2014 Lamborghini Huracán: The Gallardo replacement became a YouTuber’s Favourite

This car had big shoes to fill as the Gallardo it replaced was the best selling Lamborghini ever, so the company needed to follow up with something that wouldn’t stray to far from the field. The Gallardo had sold over 14,000 units by the time it was discontinued in November 2013, which makes up for more than half of Lamborghini’s entire sales since its birth. Luckily for Lamborghini, they did something right.



Once again Italdesign, now 90% owned by Audi AG, took to penning this beauty as they had with the recent Aventador with designer Filippo Perini taking the lead. The car takes its design cues from the outgoing Gallardo and the company clearly wanted to stay true to that car as it was a big seller for Lamborghini.

The new car is a more modern, more aggressive and more capable version of the Gallardo. The overall look of the car is sleeker and more angular than its predecessor and it looks fantastic. The LED’s at the front look like the car is staring you down, as if a you’re about to be chased by a bull, which makes sense given it is a Lamborghini.

The rear of the car is also an updated version of the Gallardo but instead the roof is now sloped down over the engine instead of having ridges on either side and the lights are sleeker. Dual exhausts on each side and the angular nature of the back also help continue the aggressive style of the front.

The interior is also a reworked masterpiece and looks absolutely incredible but there is only one thing I care about on the inside and that is the epic red starter button cover that looks like a missile launch switch cover. This leads me straight on to the engine.


The initial Gallardo was called the LP610-4, the LP signifies the Longitudal Posterior (altough they say it in Italian) which means that the engine is mounted longitudinally, the 610 because the V10 that is in this car produces and incredible 610 bhp and the 4, for four wheel drive.

The engine in this car was a heavily reworked and tuned version of the same block that was in the Gallardo, a mid mounted 5.2 liter naturally aspirated V10 which is both direct and multi-point fuel injected. This all means that it gives a balanced front/rear weight distribution to handle the 610 bhp it outputs and the 413 lb-ft of torque which are sent to the back wheels.


The lightweight super car coupled with four wheel drive and a 7 speed double clutch automatic transmission that, unlike the Gallardo, actually works hooked to the V10 give this car some impressive figures for the price point. It has a top speed of 202 mph, although a journalist hit 213 mph in the same car, and a 0-62 mph time of only 3.2 seconds and these days that’s Tesla territory.


This stunning car is at the centerpiece of what Lamborghini does, it isn’t their flagship V12, but it is the car that pays for it. The Gallardo sold 14,000 units during its 10 year run, this new Huracan sold that many in just five years and it’s still going. This car has become a YouTuber’s favourite which for Lamborghini is important as this essentially gives the company free marketing.

Years ago I would have said that I would take the Ferrari 458 over a Huracan, these days, I’m not so sure.